Sarah Pierce

IMG_6517 The abridged version:

A twentysomething  with an intense love of food, life, and exploration.

The deluxe edition:

I’m an outside-the-box thinker. I’ve got a passion for people, places, and panache. I wear my watch on the right. At any given moment, there’s probably ink stains splashed uncouthly along the side of my left hand despite my constant hand-washing, as my love of writing often wins this unsaid race I’ve got going between the ink and the sink. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t eat animals (and don’t worry, I don’t care if you do; we can still be friends). I usually choose the “sit outdoors” option.

I do enjoy a good run. There’s a sort of peace to be felt when your early-morning rubbery legs hit the pavement and your thoughts drift to that unfiltered, raw place in your brain only reserved for moments of the utmost relaxation.

Traveling has its own bill due each month in my budget. Life gets mundane. The day-to-day monotony of life has a way of zapping the soul right out of me. For me, one of life’s main purposes is to explore: to see more, to adventure, to really remove yourself from the comforts of where you were born and familiarize yourself with someplace new.


Writing is my first love. I have written two novels, both unpublished, a fact which I hope to change in the near future. In my teenage years, a few of my poems found their respective ways into compilation books, but I’ve never broken the tape on the marathon of writing, if you will.

I used be married, but now I’m not. I found out early on in life that the traditional “American Dream” with its mortgages, its car payments, its children playing in a white-picket-fenced yard didn’t necessarily appeal to me, despite growing up being made to feel like that was necessary for my life. Now, I’m living on my terms, sharing the world with special people around me and loving every moment. Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset



IMG_4580 As the brakes have been pumped on my military service, I’m looking forward to beginning a new chapter in life as a world traveler and freelance writer based out of Italy. I’m thrilled to be working with the excellent team at Tri For Charity, aiding with philanthropy missions and telling our story.

So grab a chair, pull up a floor, sit back, relax. Hang out for a bit! Let’s get cooking.