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I was speeding down I-10 East in a 2014 Ford Fusion as black as the night around me and blasting Duran Duran. I felt at peace, in my element; a big fish in a small pond. The woman working at Enterprise tried to make small talk with me and I ended up inadvertently elevating it… 

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lost in the world.

Split Personality

The alarm I set for 08:45 blared through the morning, and I promptly turned it off in a fog of fatigue. I found myself accepting the new day around 11:00 in a swirl of self-loathing for wasting the morning with petty sleep. I had taken a shower earlier, when I stumbled in with a drunkenness… 

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Splitting to Split

So, there I was, finally leaving Germany and flying to Croatia, a seemingly random location toward which my wayward mind has been drifting lately. I can’t say why or how, but the Dalmatian Coast has been popping up in my thoughts lately; in my dreams—both asleep and during wakefulness. I thanked the cab driver who… 

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A Vegan in Deep-Fried, Butter-Laden Hell

“I have a reservation,” I said to the exhausted woman at the front desk of the opulent hotel in New Orleans (whose name is redacted due to the content of this post), as if it weren’t blindingly obvious. “Take a breather,” I replied immediately, with a smile, feigning an amicable disposition. “I’m in no hurry…. 

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Homelessness: A Journey

This morning, while registering with the AFAR app, I was faced with a question that I found impossible to answer. I’m currently holed up in my father’s Hattiesburg, MS apartment. Save for a candle I’ve been burning on the coffee table, the place still smells like the beige paint applied to the walls, like the… 

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Sneak Peek

I’m working on something incredible with some amazing people across the globe. The project is still in the works, but just know that we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves, here. Get excited, folks. We’re going to change the world.  

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Cold Crusher Chowder

So, I just rode in a sardine-can-packed Honda CR-Z for 18 hours and some change (mostly behind the wheel) with a summer cold something fierce. My head was throbbing, my face was leaking, my throat was on fire, and the small of my back felt like it had been whacked with a baseball bat wielded by a… 

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Wrapped Up in Red Tape: Becoming Sarah Pierce

I’m sitting in the first class cabin of Delta flight 1059 from Detroit to New Orleans with an extra ten pounds around my midsection and a divorce decree in my Herschel backpack. It’s stuffed in the pocket of the combination clipboard/notebook whose pages are cluttered with haphazard, left-handed scrawls from years past of my own… 

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Boston’s Been A Place of Blues

Boston’s been a place of blues From the bright-eyed girl on the avenue To the jaded shell of a woman who can’t be wooed Yeah, Boston’s been a place of blues Boston’s been a place of blues From blizzards to sweltering summertime hues From the bustle of a mini-city to international news Yeah, Boston’s been… 

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My Californians

“You begin to come back so often that eventually, you just stop leaving,” my good friend, Eric, told me last Friday as the two of us plus Jazzy waxed poetic about life and its ability to turn on a dime in the blink of an eye. He brought his pint glass of beer–amber and fizzy,… 

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Independence Day

   The song in the car reminds me of you As the wind whips through my hair It should evoke a nostalgia so blue Yet I’ve chosen not to care Because I really like this song With its beat so airy and light Fitting the moment, nothing is wrong As I speed through the LA… 

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